All of our CLEAN3 Softwall Systems are available up to Class 100 (ISO 5), each equipped with HEPA filtered modules and available in both standard and custom sizes to suit any project requirements. Additionally, our Softwall Cleanrooms feature Tubular cold rolled steel welded frames, primed and finished in white paint. Further, the ceiling frame includes welded construction for fast and efficient assembly. Stainless steel frames are also available upon request. Moreover, our FFU’s provide up to 100% coverage and rate 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns. Lastly, the Softwall Cleanroom Blowers are 110V/60HZ and require only 100 watts of power.

cleanroom softwall systems



  • Lighting: LED lighting for low energy consumption
  • Curtains: Strip curtains on all sides
  • Available Options: Stainless Steel frame/casters
  • Shipping: FOB Shipping Point
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