CLEAN3 Modular Systems is a privately branded cleanroom line owned and distributed by AWS Bio-Pharma Technologies. We designed our CLEAN3 Modular Systems for the sole purpose of creating unique and superior pharmaceutical cleanrooms for our clients. No matter the type of cleanroom we create–and we create many–we produce only high quality products that are also innovative, cost-effective, durable, and safe. In addition, we build all of our cleanrooms with components that mesh harmoniously with any bio-pharmaceutical setting. Our base components include carefully designed and selected: Walls, Doors, Windows, Ceiling Systems, Coving Interfaces and Locations for electrical outlets.

Our CLEAN3 Turn-key System includes all base components plus flooring, lighting, HEPA filters, HVAC systems and fire suppression systems for a fully customized cleanroom. In addition we can integrate aseptic equipment, support equipment and optional cleanroom accessories into our Turn-key Systems.

Further, we offer a complete documentation package and commissioning, a single point of responsibility, and fixed installation date. We also offer secondary services, such as installation, project management and start-up. We specialize in providing Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms that will improve your aseptic processing. Moreover, we are consistently researching and testing new designs and trends within the cleanroom industry to meet customer demands. In addition to pharmaceutical processing, all of our Modular Cleanrooms and Water Purification Systems are also available for cosmetic applications.

Our wide variety of pharmaceutical cleanrooms include: Turn-key Systems, Deployable Systems, Softwall Systems, Cold-Rooms, Incubators and Bio-Decontamination Generators. We use highly durable components to ensure long life with little to no maintenance.